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Data Recovery Services

Lost Your Data? We Offer Data Recovery Services!

Sometimes computers can seriously malfunction causing massive disruption to emails, critical system files, database and user data files your company or personal computer may have. No matter the brand computer we offer data recovery services on all them. If you have a computer that just stopped working or no longer boots up, we can get the data off for you. While some companies quote 4-6 weeks for data recovery services, we can generally get the service done for you within 1-2 weeks max!

In some cases, even when files are simply accidentally deleted, it may be possible to recover the files. TechHub Direct can get your precious pictures and family videos back for you that you may of thought were loss! If you suspect data loss, call us as soon as possible to avoid causing any more damage to the computer hard drive. We can perform a diagnostics first on the hard drive and get answer back to you within 1-2 business days. In addition, some of our data recovery service plans offer a free flash or external hard drive! You can be certain that we can recover your deleted files. Check out some of our customer reviews! Call Us call 619-870-9000 today to speak with one of our friendly technicians.

Type Of Data Recovery Services We Offer

It is still likely that we can retrieve your valuable files for you. Common files that can be retrieved are photos, videos, music, favorites, documents, and Microsoft Outlook files.

Computer Systems & Data Recovery Services

It depends how damaged your hard drive is, as to whether we can successfully retrieve your data from it.
  • Computer Dead – HDD Recovery
  • Hard Drive Recovery – Hard Drive Failure
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery Diagnostic Fee
  • External Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Last Resort for HDD Recovery
  • USB, Flash Memory Card recovery
Give TechHub Direct a call and we can have our data recovery service techs make an appointment with you to see if your data is recoverable.

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