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  • I am looking into buying a new laptop, can you customize one for me?

    We most definitely can! We offer custom packages for students, gamers, and for business use. Let one of our techs guide you in the right direction to set you up with the right computer and software for your needs.

  • If my laptop is running slow, what can I do to make it run faster?

    There are a couple things that can be done to optimize your laptop. We can take a free look at your computer and determine if a good tune up and/or memory upgrade would be needed to speed up your laptop.

  • How long does your repairs take on laptops?

    Generally, depending on the issue we can get the laptop back to you within 1-5 days.

  • Does TechHub Direct fix cracked screens on laptops?

    Yes, we do replace crack screens on all netbooks and laptops screen. We offer parts and affordable pricing for laptop repairs.

  • Does TechHub Direct fix laptops that have been damaged by water?

    Yes, we do depending on the amount of water damage. Take advantage of our free diagnostics and we can determine if it will be worth to fix the laptop or not.