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  • Do you recycle home theater equipment?

    Currently, we do not. However, some equipment we can take away at no cost.

  • Can you do software updates on my TV?

    Many of the newer televisions have the capability to do a software update on them. If you would like to see if yours is capable to do so, give us a call and we will be more than happy to check for you.

  • Do I need a surge protector for my home theater equipment?

    Most definitely! Surge protectors are an excellent way to protect all your equipment from surges, spikes, and more. If you have one, but it's over 5 years old and basic, you definitely want to have a durable surge protector for your new equipment. TechHub Direct offers surge protectors at a low cost!

  • Can you program all my home theater remotes into one?

    Yes, we can! There are several models that we use to configure all your current remotes into one.

  • Do you offer free consultations to determine what home theater equipment I needed?

    Yes! TechHub Direct offers free consultations. If you are looking at what TV to purchase or what audio/video equipment to be installed, one of our consultants can set up an appointment with you to determine what you would need. As an added bonus, If you install through us, you get a 50 dollar credit on the install.