Hours of Operation
8AM - 6PM
Need help?
+1 (619) 870-9000
  • Can I book an appointment online?

    At the moment, online booking appointments are not available but will be in the near future. Please call us here at TechHub Direct at +1-619-988-9855 to set an appointment for your next repair or service.

  • What is your return/exchange policy on your products?

    TV's - 10 Days from date of purchase || Computers - 10 days from date of purchase || Gaming Consoles - 10 days from date of purchase || Software and Hardware - 20 days from date of purchase || Cabling/Video/Audio Equipment - 20 days from date of purchase || Networking Equipment - 20 days from date of purchase || If there are no issues with a Television, Computer, or Gaming Console that is returned, there will be a 10 percent restocking fee that will be deducted from the refund.

  • Can I become a sub-contractor for TechHub Direct?

    We are always looking to expand our TechHub! If you have the skills, personality, and patience, your an eligible candidate. Give us a call and we can set up an interview to see how you can be part of the TechHub Direct team!

  • Does TechHub Direct provide parts and software?

    Yes, actually! If you take a look at our SHOP section on our site, you will find high quality equipment and parts for computers, networking, televisions, audio, video, cabling, hard drives, and more!

  • Do you charge a driving fee for In-Home repairs and services?

    If you are located within 15 miles of TechHub Directs address, we do not charge a trip fee. Feel free to get an estimate if you are outside of 15 miles.

  • How long is your labor warranty?

    On all services and repairs that TechHub Direct offers, we offer a 30 day warranty if the SAME issue occurs.

  • Do you work on all brands and model computers, routers, tablets, gaming consoles, and home theater equipment?

    For the most part, we do! Some technology is pretty outdated but we work on about 95 percent of different models even if they no longer have software support. Our techs at TechHub Direct are very knowledgeable and well experience in these fields.

  • Does TechHub Direct offer same day service and repair?

    Yes we do. Depending on your location, repair or service, we can perform same day repairs.

  • Does your company work on the weekends?

    Yes we do on Saturdays. However, Sundays, are by appointment only.

  • Are parts included in your service pricing?

    Parts are not included in our service prices. However, we always do our best to determine if your hardware needs to be replaced before suggesting it. Parts can be purchased by TechHub Direct and then paid by the customer at the end of the service or repair

  • Do you offer Remote Services for computers?

    Yes, we do offer remote services starting at $29. Call to make an appointment so one of our technicians can connect to your computer remotely at a time convenient for you. Internet connection is required.