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  • Should I back up my data before getting my computer repaired/serviced?

    TechHub Direct ALWAYS recommends backing up your data before any work is done on your computer. If you would rather have us perform the back up, we can do so for a fee. We recommend having a tech doing this because sometimes finding what data to back up can be challenging.

  • Do you need my entire computer to retrieve data from my hard drive?

    No, we do not. We only need the hard drive. If it is an external hard drive, please include the power adapter and USB cable just in case they are proprietary.

  • Can you wipe my data off my hard drives completely?

    Data is never 100 percent deleted...technically. However, we can do a destructive wipe on the hard so it makes it nearly impossibly to retrieve data. Or, we can smash it to pieces with a hammer.

  • If I hear a clicking when I turn my computer on, could it be my hard drive?

    More than likely, if you hear a clicking sound, then this generally pertains to a bad hard drive. We can diagnose the hard drive and attempt to get the data off your hard drive .

  • My computer no longer powers on, can you get my data off of it?

    Yes, we can. Despite your computer not being able to power on, we have the proper tools to keep your data safe and retrieved.

  • My hard drive was exposed to fire damage, can you still retrieve my data?

    This can be a very delicate procedure, however, we can determine within a couple days whether data is retrievable or not.